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8 Best Golf Travel Bag Under 100$ – Review & Buying Guide 2024

Best Golf Travel Bag Under 100$

Golf is a game of genius requiring some appropriate conditions fulfillment. In addition to the golf essential elements, its carriage bag is also necessary which will keep all the things in it to take these essentials easily anywhere you want. Ultimately, it assists you in carrying your golf items with no worries. After going through all the below-mentioned best golf travel bag under 100$, you’ll find the most suitable bag for your golf game expedition. Are you planning your golf journey and you haven’t purchased your golf bag till now? This is not the right thing. You must purchase your Best Golf Travel Bag before you go for the game.

A Buying Guide for the Best Golf Travel Bag Under 100$

The point arises here that what features my golf bag will consist of? Ok, this article is going to help you a lot to decide upon the best golf travel bag under 100$. The elating and splendid features are described in a distinct manner of some certain best-chosen bags. I want to dive deeply straight into the best products we are waiting for which are mentioned below: 

Case type:

  • The design and strength of the case matter a lot in deciding about the best golf travel bag. Some of them are hard externally while some are soft.
  • Hard case provides you extra safety strength. But, they are a bit expensive and are heavy. 
  • On the other hand, soft cases are light in weight and they are cheaper concerning pricing factor. Hence, ultimately soft cases are preferable to carry the easily without any complexity.

Durability & padding:

  • The best thing about the perfect golf bag is its durability. The degree of durability factor decides the worth of golf travel bag under 100$. 
  • If it is highly durable and long-lasting, definitely people will prefer it a lot. 
  • But, on the contrary, if the bag is not durable, then don’t go for it even if the price is low.
  • Protective padding of the bag is essential for the playing items to keep them safe during the journey.

Manageable & comfortable straps:

  • The golf-playing kit should be easy to carry. For this sake, the bag straps should be comfortable for your shoulder to manage all the weight calmly when you’re walking with your bag on the fairway.


  • The golf bag must be light in weight. Its heavy mass will lead to injurious pain in the shoulder of the player.
  • Hence, you have to select the bag with low weight and more spacious regarding pockets, etc. for the things to carry them in a very well manner via partitioning.


  • All the essential items of the golf kit should be stored in the bag easily. This is the basic feature of the golf bag to sustain.
  • The bag should be spacious for all the things to carry easily in the bag. 
  • The lining material is fleece in most of the bags, which is quite efficient to store various valuable products.

Wheel system:

  • A bag having wheels is equivalent to reduce your ¾ tension of carrying it all the time. You have to hold its handle in a strong manner, the rest of the burden will be automatically endured by the wheels. 
  • While going through various golf bags, pick the one with a wheels system. You’ll get rid of carrying it from place to place.


  • The main factor is the price of the particular things. Most of the good-quality golf bags are not being purchased by people due to their high prices. 
  • But, this article is going to help you a lot in finding the perfect match for your golf game at a very low price. So, keep going through this informative content to explore the best golf bags under 100$.

Colors & versatility:

  • The bags with a variety of colors are attracted by every player to get the bag of the exact interest of him/her. 
  • Versatile bags have a very decent display look. So, prefer the quality of the bags for sure. But, don’t compromise over the quality of the colors. Go for the full-package bag having all qualities in just 100$.


  • While choosing the best bag, don’t forget to check its warranty card. It will give you a rough idea about the credibility of the bag’s strength. 

Keep all of the above-mentioned points in mind and go for the best product for your golf game!

Top 8 Best Golf Travel Bag Under 100$

The top-notch and best golf travel bags under 100$ are illustrated below which can surely assist you in carrying all the golf game items in a sophisticated manner.

ImageName / FeaturesPrice
Intech Golf Travel Cover With Wheels

☑ Capacity For Extra Storage
☑ Light In Weight
☑ Latches Made of Fine Material
Current Price on Amazon
Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

☑ Water-Resistant
☑ Weight 2lbs
☑ Padded & Protective Soft Case
Current Price on Amazon
Club Champ Golf Travel Bag

☑ Able To Collapse Entirely
☑ Spacious In Size
☑ High In Durability
Current Price on Amazon
Merchants of Golf Travel Cover ez Caddy

☑ Maximum Storage Capacity
☑ High Weather Resistance
☑ Adjustable Interior Straps
Current Price on Amazon
Orlimar Deluxe Travel Bag

☑ Massive Storage Capability
☑ Externally Located Shoe Pocket
☑ Skate Style Wheels
Current Price on Amazon
Amazon Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag

☑ Vastly Spacious
☑ Convenient & Smooth Transportation
☑ Durable & Fine Material Used
Current Price on Amazon
Team Golf Travel Bag- Sport Team Golf Bags

☑ Already Built-In Shoe Bag
☑ Smooth & Quite Transparent
☑ Padded Internally For Extra Protection
Current Price on Amazon
Tour Golf Stand Bag- Golf Bag

☑ Decrease Weight Across
☑ Lined Valuable Pocket
☑ Portable Nature
Current Price on Amazon

1. Intech Golf Travel Cover With Wheels (Our Top Pick)

Best Golf Travel Bag Under 100$

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Molded Wheeled Chassis
  • Capacity for extra storage
  • Ready to travel anytime
  • Light in weight
  • Latches are made of fine material
  • 1-year warranty

Intech is providing you the best golf travel bag under 100$ only. The bag is light in weight as it has just 5 pounds weight. Its wheeled outer structure is comfortable to grip firmly and easily. Its latches and zipper are not made of cheap material. The ability to store maximum things in the bag makes this product more interesting to buy. It has been built by keeping in mind the sudden game trips. Hence, it is designed to stay ready for the tour at your convenience.   


  • Easy to tackle
  • It is roomy and sturdy
  • Smooth wheel rolling 


  • Stitching from the bottom tore away after a flight or two


2. Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

Best Golf Travel Bag

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Padded & protective soft case 
  • Easy to transport
  • Durability in vinyl base
  • Padded carry strap for comforting shoulders
  • Weight is 2lbs
  • Water-resistant
  • Great bag for the price

Izzo golf travel cover has an excellent quality in such an inexpensive price range. Its protection & extra support gives you a more durable approach when you are deciding to travel. The material used is so perfectly manufactured so that it can shield the layered coverings of the product. Its entire weight is just 2lbs which directly means that it is extremely lighter in weight and hence it is easy to tackle ultimately. Moreover, it has the capability to resist water from going inside and destroy the golf playing equipment. All-inclusively, it is a perfect bag for a golf trip at such an exciting price.


  • Perfect for occasional use
  • A firm backpack
  • Travel cover sustains its fresh look


  • Without wheels
  • Not preferable for long journeys


3. Club Champ Golf Travel Bag

Golf Travel Bag Under 100$

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Makes traveling with clubs easy
  • Able to collapse entirely
  • High in durability
  • Spacious in size
  • Built-in wheels minimize the back pain

It is going to ease your travel and turns a hectic journey into a pleasant one by giving you relief regarding the stuff care. The towel ring, umbrella holder, and many more similar facilities make it much attractive to purchase instantly. Its space is vast and it can easily keep your entire luggage equipment smoothly. The wheeled bags are extremely easy to carry due to no weight lifting, & the same is the case with this one. Go for the one due to its worth & credibility.


  • Extra padding on top
  • The perfect choice regarding the protection
  • Additional zip pocket on the lower outside
  • Ample space in the bag


  • The bottom of the bag is easily scratched


4. Merchants of Golf Travel Cover ez Caddy

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Large shoe pocket
  • Adjustable interior straps
  • Weather resistance is high
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Full-length wrap-around zipper
  • Padded foam top

Are golf shoes creating a problem due to no extra space for them? Don’t worry, in Merchants golf bag you’ll be able to find an appropriate & extended shoe pocket for placing them in the right corner of the bag. The internal straps are easily modified according to your required fastening.  This bag is highly weather resistant which directly points that your golf kit will not be affected by sweat due to summer or equipment will not alter its condition according to the weather. It has abundant and enough space for the things to adjust in it easily. It has an entire covering zipper that will lock the various products in the bag firmly. Its extra protection lies in its padded foam top.  


  • Highly secured golf bag
  • In-line skate wheels for easy carriage
  • Light in weight


  • Not specified


5. Orlimar Deluxe Travel Bag

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Cushioned internal padding
  • Anytime set for traveling
  • Massive storage capability
  • Skate style wheels 
  • Externally located shoe pocket

The internal extra padding gives strength to the bag to shield the luggage inside of it. It is designed in a manner to take very little time to get its position of being ready to travel. It has great storage capacity in it to adjust things rightly. Its wheels are very interesting as they revolve in a skating style which relaxes you differently and there is no pain of carrying it ultimately. The shoe pocket is also located on the external side to keep things in an organized manner. 


  • No need to worry about maintenance
  • Comfortable in handling
  • The exterior is highly spacious


  • No variety in colors availability


6. Amazon Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Durable & fine material is used
  • Reinforcement of the stress point
  • Convenient & smooth transportation
  • Protection of club heads
  • Vastly spacious 
  • Position of standing is easy to tackle

The material of the bag depicts its strength and longevity. The stress point is boosted to provide it more protection. The club heads are protected by cushioning them properly. It is a great choice regarding protective measures. It is very convenient to carry it from place to place. The room for the various things is great. Everything is easily managed and organized in it. The safe side is its positioning. It is very easy to position it according to your organized manner of things in it. You can adjust it effortlessly. Try to keep its weight less than 50 lbs to let it work efficiently.


  • Two loop handles for easy lifting 
  • Highly resistant to water
  • Plenty of room for shoes


  • Keep it under 50lbs
  • Simpler in design with no variations in colors


7. Team Golf Travel  Bag- Sport Team Golf Bags

Team Golf NFL Adult-Unisex Golf Travel Bag

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Plastic wheelbase which has an outclass impact
  • Already built-in shoe bag
  • Smooth and quite transparent 
  • Padded internally for extra protection
  • Great in gifting items

The wheelbase is made of plastic to revolve the wheels easily. It is extremely supportive for the golf folks who don’t like to carry the luggage all the time on their shoulders. The shoe bag for shoe keeping is manufactured inside of it. The outer look is transparent which makes every item of the bag visible easily to extract it quickly out of the bag. Its inner-based padding for a more protective feel makes it the best choice to go for. Moreover, you can pick this bag for gifting to your father, brother, or friend. It is a great gift for your loved ones by staying within the budget.


  • Fine lining across the bag
  • Highly valuable for 100$
  • ID card holder 


  • Wear and tear after some trips


8. Tour Golf Stand Bag- Golf Bag

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Backpack style padded dual shoulder strap
  • Decrease the weight across your shoulders
  • Easy to carry
  • Portable in nature
  • Lined valuable pocket
  • Ready to carry the full set of clubs

If you’re wishing for a golf bag which is like a backpack, then it is a must to buy for you especially. It is similar in structure to the backpack and it is as easy to carry as the backpack is. It can serve you for two in one purpose. You can avail it to use as a golf bag whether as a backpack also whenever you need it. Your shoulders are safe with this bag on the journey. It is portative and manageable. It has many pockets to organize things in a very well-mannered approach. The set of clubs are easily getting inside of it. Happy journey with this!


  • A variety of colors are offered
  • Versatile in design


  • Upper D-ring get detached easily


Top Golf Travel Tips – Protect Yourself and Your Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best golf travel bag under 100$?

  • Intech Golf Travel Cover With Wheels- Intech Golf Travel Bag
  • Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover- Izzo Golf Padded Review
  • Club Champ Golf Bag- Club Champ Golf Travel Bag
  • Merchants of Golf Travel Cover- ez Caddy Golf Bag
  • Orlimar Deluxe Travel Bag- Orlimar Golf Travel Cover
  • Amazon Soft Sided Golf Travel Bag- Best Golf Travel Bags
  • Team Golf Travel  Bag- Sport Team Golf Bags
  • Tour Golf Stand Bag- Golf Bag

Q. What are the qualities of a good golf bag?

The best golf travel bag will have an adjustable fit & various pockets for keeping all of the products easily. It has a single or dual carry strap system to ease your shoulders. 

Q. Should your golf bag match your clubs?

Generally, clubs are not even require to get a match with each other. Hence, their matching with the golf bag is not necessary for sure. But, it is only required when you’re paid for it.

Q. How many types of golf bags are there?

There is a variety of golf bags e.g. tour bags, travel bags, stand bags, wheel bags, etc. But the best of them are stand bags and wheel bags which are very supportive in the entire journey.

Q. What every golfer should have in their bag?

The essential things for a golfer to carry are 14 clubs, 6 golf balls, 3 headcovers for wood and hybrid, a dozen of tees & one golf glove. The other things are optional as per your choice. 

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