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Enjoy Home Cinema with Best Home Theater System Under 500 – Review & Buying Guide 2024

Best Home Theater System Under 500

Are you thinking of buying a new home theatre or upgrading your old one? Are you looking for the best system of theater? Look no more. Here in this article, we are going to review some of the top home theater systems that you can buy under 500 dollars. These Best Home Theater System Under 500 are not only stylish and durable, they also come with the best high-end speakers that take your whole movies and gaming experience to a new level.

Home theaters are used by millions of people around the world to pass time playing video games, watching movies and listening to music. The best home sound box gives you the experience of watching movies or playing video games that you can’t just get on even a high quality television screen with the best TV surround sound system.

So if you want to have the best time of your life enjoying at home, you should consider getting the best home theater in a box. But before buying, let’s have a look at some of the features that these top rated home theaters have to offer so you can select the one with the most efficient features. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Budget Home Theater System


Home theater systems that are available on a budget are perfect for small areas or enclosed spaces that will give a fuller feel to your theater experience. But if you are going to place your theater system in an area bigger than 12″ x 15″ then the curtains and furniture can do the trick to make the room feel packed.

Speaker size:

Before buying a home theater system, consider the size of the area where you want to set up the speakers. Is your room, or the place where you are going to place the speakers is bigger than 700 sq. ft.? If it’s not then compact or small home theater speakers will do a perfect job. But if it is, then you might want to buy bigger full-size speakers for a better home theater experience.


The dimensions of the system you are going to purchase should also be according to the area where it will be set up. Best home theater speakers are available in many sizes and dimensions. You don’t want to buy speakers that won’t fit in your desired place. So make sure to think through before buying.

Speaker type:

When buying the best high-end home theater speakers, ponder upon what purpose it is that you will be using these speakers for.  Whether you will be using these speakers for watching movies or listening to music. If you are going to watch movies more on this system than listening to music, then you should purchase a theater system with powerful central speakers that have timbres that match with the satellite speakers.

These speakers give you a theater-like experience with any best budget home theater system. On the other hand, if you are buying speakers for music listening, you should go for good front satellite speakers. These small home theater speakers give you booming bass playback.


You should also check that whether the speakers you are going to buy are stereo or surround sound? The best 5.1 surround sound system comes with a subwoofer and five speakers and will provide you action from all directions.


Not all speakers include a receiver to power up the speakers, which you will have to buy separately. You should buy a receiver that will support the modern speaker standards such as Dolby Vision HDR or 4K HDMI.

Top 8 Best Home Theater System Under 500

ImageName / FeaturesPrice

☑ Powerful Surround Sound System
☑ Wireless Streaming
☑ 1500 Watts System Power RMS
Current Price on Amazon
PIONEER SP PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater System:

☑ Dolby True HD, DTS HD
☑ Ultra HD 4K Support Receiver
☑ Wireless Blue Tooth Connectivity Wi-Fi Integration
Current Price on Amazon
Fluance SXHTBW 5.0 Channel HD Surround Sound Home Theater System

☑ Driver Central Channel
☑ Mounting Sound Speakers
☑ Built-In DOLBY Surround Sound
Current Price on Amazon
Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers With Built-In DOLBY And DTS System

☑ Digital Surround Sound
☑ D Stereo Surround Sound
☑ Best Home Theater Speakers
Current Price on Amazon
Bose Cine Mate 15 Speaker Home Theater System

☑ Soundbar With Attached Speaker Cable
☑ One cable connection
☑ Sleek design
Current Price on Amazon
LG BH 4150S 500W Blu-Ray Smart TV Home Theater System

☑ 500 Watts Energetic Sound Power
☑ LG Feature App
☑ Home Theater System
Current Price on Amazon
Onkyo HT S3900 5.1 Home Theater System With A Complete Package

☑ HDMI Inputs And Outputs
☑ USB Ports
☑ Powerful 6 Pieces Compact Speaker System
Current Price on Amazon
JBL cinema 610 advanced powered subwoofer 5.1 home theater system:

☑ Easy To Install
☑ 8 Inches Bass Reflex
☑ 60 Watts Subwoofer Power
Current Price on Amazon


Enjoy Home Cinema with Best Home Theater System Under 500

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • 5.1 channel powerful surround sound system
  • Bluetooth compatibility for wireless streaming
  • Virtual front cinema HDR video, DOLBY vision Compatible with mp3 and mp4
  • Digital audio-video input + output
  • Smartphone compatible
  • 1500 watts system power RMS

Yamaha YHT is the best sound box with the best surround sound system. This home theater system provides you with a great sound experience with the best 5.1 surround sound system.

The system comes with four surround sound speakers and an eight inches center channel 100 watts subwoofer with long-range cone drivers of 2.75 inches. The virtual front cinema allows you to place the speakers anywhere in the room, even in the front, and feel the bass of 5.1 channel surround sound.


  • Compatible with smartphone
  • Plug and play system
  • HD TV compatible
  • FM LCD digital display
  • The additional base setting for small speakers


  • Small speakers


2. PIONEER SP PK52FS Andrew jones 5.1 Home theater system:

Enjoy best Home Cinema with Best Home Theater System Under 500

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Wireless blue tooth connectivity Wi-Fi integration
  • Compatible with smartphone and tablet
  • Ultra HD 4K support receiver
  • Dolby True HD, DTS HD

This wireless blue tooth home theater system is the best option among all complete home theatre packages. You can watch movies, play video games, listen to music or connect it with a TV or smartphone and have an amazing fun time with this all-around home theater system. The 5 different sized speakers are ideal for any room as they come in pairs of different sizes that allow you to place them anywhere you want.


  • All-round best budget surround sound system
  • Wireless blue tooth home theater system
  • 2 bookshelf speakers
  • 2-floor standing speakers
  • One center channel speaker


  • Might not be compatible with TV
  • Doesn’t include a receiver in the package


3. Fluance SXHTBW 5.0 channel HD surround sound home theater system:

Top 8 Home Cinema with Best Home Theater System Under 500

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • 50- 160 watts 3 driver floor standing speakers,
  • 2 way 1 inch silk dome tweeter 30 – 100 watts
  • 3 driver central channel
  • 2 way 30- 100 watts 2 driver wall mounting sound speakers
  • 2-way Built-in DOLBY surround sound
  • Embedded DTS system 6.5 inches powerful woofers

These best high end home theater speakers are very beautifully constructed with a natural walnut design. This best home theater sound system under 500 provides an amazing audio experience with its 1-inch neodymium silk dome tweeters, high definition 6.5-inch powerful woofer, and 4″ poly-coated midrange drivers.

The amazing audio-grade MDF wood structure allows it to generate amazing sound that makes it one of the best complete home theatre packages. This best wireless home theater system produces phenomenal highs and lows with an energetic mid-range sound that will give your home theater a cinema-like experience.


  • Beautiful walnut design
  • High-quality bass
  • Affordable price
  • Outstanding midrange, high notes, and lows


  • Might not have a strong bass


4. Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound speakers with built-in DOLBY and DTS system:

Top 8 Best Home Cinema with Best Home Theater System Under 500

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • 5.1 channel digital surround sound 
  • 3 D stereo surround sound
  • THX certified best home theater speakers
  • 1000 watts peak power
  • DOLBY Digital + DTS sound system
  • Compatible with TV, computer, audio sources Ideal for gaming

This best home theater system under 500 TV surround sound system lets you turn any room into a home theater. With 5.1 channel and DOLBY digital surround sound, you can feel being present in the scene playing in front of you. The THX certification proves that these best high-end home theater speakers are intended for powerful performance and are sure to provide you with an amazing cinematic sound experience.

With 100-watt peak power and 165-watt subwoofer, enjoy theater-like clear surround sound with powerful high, mid, and low tones and deep bass. This best budget surround sound system package comes with 5 satellite speakers, one subwoofer, and stackable console control.

The package also includes a speaker connection, a six feet six-channel direct cable, and a wireless remote with 3 AAA batteries so this is surely one of the best complete home theatre packages.


  • Easy sound control
  • Flexible set up
  • Compact console control
  • Best wireless home theater system


  • Low-quality
  • Short-lived


5. Bose Cine Mate 15 Speaker Home Theater System:

Best Home Theater System Under 500

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Built-in Cine Mate 15 sound system with deep bass
  • Built-in Four element speaker array
  • Sleek design
  • One cable connection
  • Compact soundbar
  • Soundbar with attached speaker cable
  • Power cord + acoustic mass module
  • Analog cable with digital optical cable
  • Digital IR remote + 2 AA batteries

This best TV surround sound system improves the sound quality of your TV dramatically to give you a theater-like feel. The sharp and clear audio this system provides lets you enjoy movies and listen to music with deep bass and phenomenal notes. The system itself takes very little space because of its easy hideaway Acoustic mass module.

The speaker works with a four-element speaker array that is embedded in the system to provide an immersed theater-like sound experience. Ideal for watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music, this speaker system is easy to connect with just one cable and gives you remote control access.


  • Full Immersive theater-like sound Deep bass and dramatic notes
  • Crystal Clear high, low, and mid-range sound
  • Easy to use with remote control Easy to set up with just one cable
  • Multiple audio inputs
  • Easy to place with small design


  • Automatically turns off after one hour of activity


6. LG BH 4150S 500W Blu-Ray smart TV home theater system:

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • 5.1 channel surround sound
  • 500 watts energetic sound power
  • 4 satellite home theater system
  • Plays Blu-ray and turns DVD movies into 1080p Plays 3D movies
  • LG Feature App for free apps downloading
  • Feature DLNA lets you share photos, audio, and videos

This incredible home theater system under 500 is perfect for any medium-sized room. The LG Theater is one of the top complete home theatre packages. The audio performance on this best budget home theater system is amazing.

You can easily access premium apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu plus through LG Smart TV so in this way, this is the best home theater system for streaming Netflix. The package includes a subwoofer with high-quality speakers and a receiver that provides 500 watts of powerful sound.


  • Easy to set up
  • Ideal for a medium-sized room
  • Private sound mode
  • LG Smart TV lets you use premium apps e.g., NETFLIX, YouTube, etc.
  • Incredible audio


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity


7. Onkyo HT S3900 5.1 home theater system with a complete package

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • In-built HDMI inputs and outputs
  • USB Port for memory audio storage and playback
  • Incorporated Bluetooth for wireless connection
  • DOLBY True HD and DTS HD Master audio
  • Powerful 6 pieces compact speaker system

There are some amazing best  home theater system under 500 and this Okyo home theater system is one of them. It has an in-built HDMI terminal that allows you to play the latest video formats on your screen.

The best budget surround sound has Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth mirror technology that plays on the screen whatever is playing on your mobile device. The advanced music optimizer system embedded in this best home entertainment system enriches even the compressed audio for a rich broad music experience.

The connection is very easy to set up with the instructions clearly labeled on the rear panel with clean illustrations. The speaker cables are also color-coded. The USB port lets you play clear music through USB. The package comes with six high-quality surround sound speakers perfect for any small-sized room.


  • Perfect for gaming, movies, and music
  • Authentic movie sounds
  • One cable AV unit linking
  • Audio return channel to amplify broadcast
  • Dynamic audio production


  • Passive subwoofer


8. JBL cinema 610 advanced powered subwoofer 5.1 home theater system:

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Easy to install
  • premium cinematic surround sound
  • 8 inches bass reflex 60 watts subwoofer power
  • 5 identical 2-way satellites speakers voice matching technology
  • Dedicated center speaker for clear audio
  • Brackets for wall mounting

Jbl home theater system provides clear cinematic surround sound with its 5.1 speaker system. The 60 watts powered subwoofer provides an 8″ bass reflex with 5 two way satellite speakers that produce matching voice.

The dedicated central speaker provides flawless clear audio so you can enjoy movies and music at an amazing volume. The speakers are ideal for all purposes whether it be watching movies or playing video games. You can place the speakers on a shelf or mount them on the wall with gauge wires that come with the package.


  • Clear and flawless sound
  • Customizable to any space
  • Wall mounting available
  • Easy to use a remote control
  • Crisp sound on small speakers


  • Very thin gauge wire
  • Wall mounting can be problematic



The best home theater system under 500 has many great attributes. One of the main features that the best home theater system should have is easy to set up a design that will allow the user to place it anywhere and use it easily without any complications. Another amazing feature, and it is perhaps the most important, is to provide clear and clean sound with a focus on each and every beat of the sound.

Whether it is used for gaming or for watching movies and playing music, an amazing home speaker system produces clear audio with defined highs and lows and deep bass. A sleek design and a beautiful look is an additional feature that will compliment your room or any place you put these speakers in. So make sure you look for all these features and choose the best home theatre system under 500 for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand of home Theatre is best?

Onkyo home theater package with DOLBY ATMOS is the best home theater system.

Q. Is home theater good for music?

A home theater system is a good choice for listening to music. Mid-range systems provide music quality that lets you enjoy music with a whole new experience. The mid-range music system has five satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a bass extension, and occasionally a soundbar that amplifies the music and enhances your music listening experience.

Q. Which audio system is best for a home?

Logitech home speaker system is the best audio system for small home theaters.

Q. What is the best home theater system for the money?

Onkyo HT S3900 5.1 speaker provides an amazing sound experience, is durable, and is the perfect home theatre system for money.

Q.  What should I look for when buying a home theater system?

An all-round home theater system should provide good quality audio, should be easy to set up, and should be durable. You should also look for a home theater system that will fit in your room.

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