The Cartnoch cares about your privacy and the security of your information. We want you to understand how we handle your information. We also want you to know your rights and choices. This Privacy Policy describes how we handle your information when you use the website (the “Site”), our pages or ads on social media networks (“Social Media Pages”), HTML-formatted email message that we send to you (“Emails”), our offline contacts and any other services where we gather information from you and also refer you to this Privacy Policy (“Other Services”) (collectively referenced in this Privacy Policy as the “Services”).

Privacy Statement

We collect data on users when you leave a comment on the website to help make the service better and to detect potential spams. The information we collect can include the IP address and browser agent string of the user. This information can be used to make the content more customer-centric and can be disclosed to spam detection services to check for any potential spam.

Collection of Information

We receive and store information about you such as;


To make your Internet usage safer, avoid sharing any image on the website with embedded location data.


We use cookies for making service quality better and to make sure that you don’t have to repetitively fill out the form when you write frequent comments on the posts. To do this, we save your name, email address, and website in the cookies once you fill in the form for the first time. This information stays safe with us for one year.

When you open our login page, temporary cookies are saved on the website, which will be deleted once you close the browser.

Your Rights Over Your Data

You can request your history of the sign in and comments that you might have left on the site in the form of an exported file. We will be at your service to provide you with the information we might have saved your personal data. If you want us to delete any history that we might have saved on you, you can ask to delete it, we will be happy to oblige.

This doesn’t include the data we are required to hold for legal or security purposes.

Contact Us

You can contact our team at any time if you have any queries regarding any product or product reviews. We try to answer your queries ASAP.