Satisfy Your Need For Speed With Best Electric Race Car Track

Best Electric Race Car Track

If you’re looking for a good bonding activity with your child or you’re just someone passionate about racing and cars, then you’re in luck because we’ve narrowed down the best electric race car track available all around for you. Not only are they fun but let’s be honest they look so cool (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) and also they are a good addition to your gaming collection if you are one of those people who absolutely adore this activity.

Nevertheless, you need one of the best electric race car track so you’re family bonding or collection can be worth it because no one likes to look at a product and feel like they wasted their money!

Before buying a best electric race car track consider the age of the racer, are you buying race car tracks for kids or otherwise; in simpler words are you buying it as a toy or as a hobby.

A simple race car track would be sufficient if you’re looking for the best electric race car track for 3-year-olds but it might be very basic for older children and you might want to go towards remote control race car tracks for them so age does matter. Also, race tracks require space so make sure you have sufficient space for the race track you want to buy.

Top 6 Best Electric Race Car Track

ImageName / SpecificationsPrice
GT Contest 1:43

☑ Speed Controllers
☑ Lap Encounter
☑ Extensions Sets
Current Price on Amazon
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3

☑ Ergonomic Speed Controllers
☑ Magnet Underneath The Cars
☑ Lighting McQueen Car
Current Price on Amazon
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track

☑ Posses Motorized Booster
☑ 4 Way Loops
☑ Hot Wheel Vehicle
Current Price on Amazon
Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

☑ High-Speed Booster
☑ 3 Loops
☑ 3 Crash Zones
Current Price on Amazon
Buenotoys Remote Control Track

☑ Remote Speed Controls
☑ Wide Range Extensions
☑ Track Re-Arrange
Current Price on Amazon
Carrera 20023626 Digital

☑ Expandable And Customizable
☑ Lane Changing Option
☑ Digital Race Track System
Current Price on Amazon

1. GT Contest 1:43 Scale Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set

Top 6 Best Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • It has speed controllers with turbo boost.
  • Has lap encounter to keep track of the action.
  • The battery is upgradeable to electric.
  • Extensions sets and new cars can be added for extra challenges.

If you are new to the world of car racing then this maybe the best electric race car track out there. Since you’re new to this chances are you’re looking for the best cheap track car before investing more. This racing track provides all the excitement needed, it posses turbo boost which adds more speed to your cars.

It stretches almost 12 feet and features all the curves and straight ways you need to provide action. Each turbo speed controller also comes with an optional speed governor to assist young drivers to build their racing skills. Carrera go race track comes with extra functions and accessories you can buy once you master it meaning you won’t be bored of it too quickly!


  • Won’t have to spend extra on cars as they are already included.
  • Speed can be controlled and boost on command.
  • Has high speed can go up to 370 mph.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Track/car Scale 1:43.
  • Extensions sets and new cars can be added for extra challenges.
  • Affordable


  • Is not suitable for children under 8 years of age.
  • Is nearly 12 ft so requires larger space.
  • Pieces are difficult to connect and not be easy to pack frequently; so you might need to assign a corner which takes up good space.

2. Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 – Slot Car Race Track

6 Best Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Has ergonomic speed controllers.
  • Lighting McQueen car is included.
  • Has 3 themed accessories.
  • Has a magnet underneath the cars for maximum control.

This one can be considered best slot car set for beginners and it’s also one of the best affordable track car set. If your child is 3 or older than 3 then this is the perfect set for him/her as it has good ergonomics for better control and is specially designed for small hands. Additionally, it has car magnets which allows maximum control during the racing activity.

It also includes lightning McQueen motorized car and decorative accessories which makes it more appealing to children. If you’re looking for something for older children we suggest you see other options as this is more suitable for younger kids.


  • Easy for young kids and beginners to play.
  • Takes up less space as it is around 8 ft.
  • Speed controller designed for small hands.
  • Themed decor to make it more appealing.
  • Magnet beneath does not let the car fly out of the track.
  • Good price.


  • Batteries are not provided with the set.
  • The track is shorter as compared to other track sets.
  • No lap counter system within the set so it can be difficult to determine which player won that is if two are playing.
  • Uses type C batteries which are difficult to find.


3. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Top Best Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • It has 4-way loops.
  • It posses motorized booster for extra speed.
  • Features a hot wheel vehicle.

If you have competitive children then this set not only feeds their competitive side but it adds extra excitement to it. The competition is crank up with intersections, hairpin turns, motorized boosters and best of all crash zones. The hit or miss and endless loops are a whole new level of thrill for children.

The large slot track has tons of parking space for convenient storage. It’s the perfect track for kids ranging from 5-9 years of age although you need to take care of the parts because if one is lost then the whole thing becomes useless and it’s pretty hard to find a replacement.


  • Has epic crashing action with criss-cross track.
  • It has car feeder to line up cars for racing.
  • The lineup allows for near miss or total wipeout for extra excitement.
  • Includes parking spaces for


  • It makes a lot of sounds.
  • Requires a lot of space since the track is 16 ft and also crashes may cause the car to fly or hit something so a wider space is recommend.

4. Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Top 6 Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • It connects to other hot wheelsets.
  • High-speed booster powers cars through loops.

This hot wheels electric race track set is great to put your child skills at test. It keeps the children on the edge as they try to launch their own cars without crashing. The loops and booster is an interesting addition.

The bonus is that if you’re a loyal customer and posses other hot wheel tracks you can attach them together to make it even bigger. On the downside, because of the loops, the track does not support all kinds’ of cars and the consumer might need to do some testing to find the right size car so that it gets on the loop easily and doesn’t slow down.


  • It has enormous corkscrew tracks with 3 loops, 3 crash zones and 3 high speed boosters!
  • Is expandable as it connects with other sets.
  • Is a challenging skill based set which can be good for children.


It’s expensive.

  • Makes a lot of loud sounds when in action.
  • Uses 4 D batteries which are expensive so is high maintenance.

5. Buenotoys  Remote Control Track Slot Car Toy

Top 6 Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • The track can be re-arranged.
  • Wide range of extensions and additional cars.
  • Has remote control speed controls

This product uses high quality ABS material so it has good durability along with being a big racer slot track set. It has a wide range of tracks as the pieces can be re-arrange. It is one of those race track toys which can be used by adults or older kids. The remote control gives high speed but it only comes with one so others can watch while one plays.

The parts require a little hard work while setting up so it’s better to assign a corner to this product. The  race car tracks can be use by  adults too because it has all the necessary curves and jumps which not only is fun to race on  but also looks super cool!


  • Different tracks can be made so the racer doesn’t get bored easily.
  • Has a wide orbital circumference.
  • Extra accessories cars and tracks can be set up for group activities.
  • Good refund policy.


  • Has trigger squeeze so children need the practice to keep the car on the track.
  • Difficult to set up as it has lots of pieces.
  • One controller works both sides so the only person can use it at a time.

6. Carrera 20023626 Digital 124 Young Timer Showdown Slot Car Racing System Set

Best Electric Race Car Track

Current Price on Amazon

About this item:

  • Has premium digital race track system.
  • Each car is fitted with replaceable double contact brushes.
  • Lane changing option.
  • Is fully expandable and customizable.

You simply cannot go wrong with this product. This is the best race car track for adults or maybe best slot car track in the world! It posses all the quality from the option of switching lanes to having multiple racers play at once, this one is near perfection. It also has speed controllers and good speed break setting for the younger users , once they are done the adults can use it at full speed; it’s basically an all rounder.

The cars have contact brushes along with magnets so the car has a steady grip and good control on the track. The cars have high tempo printing and working head and brake lights to make it more realistic. It has an endless variety of cars and you can add tracks and expand it as desire. Now, this is one hell of a track!


  • Comes with 2 wireless speed controllers for easy movement.
  • Lane changing excitement which supports up to 4 drivers.
  • Big track with lots of curves and surface area. (around 26 ft)
  • Good speed and breaking setting.


  • Is expensive.
  • Requires a good amount of space.


Overall things important thing to consider is what kind of space you have and buying according to that, also make sure to see what the product age says as not all tracks maybe safe for younger children. If you’re a beginner and want affordable sets for children then you should invest in option 1 (Carrera GO!) and option 2 (Carrera First Disney).

If money is not an issue or you simply don’t mind investing in a good product then number 4 takes the win, it’s perfect for adults and additionally, children can use it too; maybe you all can take turns using it although you can play at once since it supports multiple racers.

Similarly, if you want a good set for competitive children Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set (number 5) is definitely worth it. Just don’t forget that some models are louder than others, so keep in mind all aspects before making the purchase!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What’s the best slot car brand?

Carrera is one of the best and oldest in business. It makes slot car/tracks for the younger audience as well as for the adult consumer. It makes models from simple to advance (beginner to expert) with the quality so you can choose from a variety for your level.

Q. Can you run analogue cars on digital track?

Analogue car will work on a digital set with a few button presses on the power base. Standard track may also be compatible between digital and analogue.

Q. How do you test a slot car?

You can buy a slot car technology or RP motor tester to test your slot car; these are easily available on Amazon.

Q. How do you set up a sloth car track?

There are different kinds of sloth car tracks models; each model has their specific guide or instructions to set up the track. Usually there are different pieces that need to be put together using tools already give in the package.

Q. How to make your sloth car faster?

Buy a sloth car with natural high speed, sloth cars come in different model each with its own specific speed. Make sure to maintain oil and brush up your sloth car so it works smoothly at max speed.

Q. How do you drive a sloth car?

Sloth cars can be use using a remote controller, simply put the car on the track after the track has been activate use the speed setting controller for control, it may take a while and a lot of practice laps but you will learn eventually.

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